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 Ice Cream Parlors
Ice Cream, private labeling

If you're thinking of opening an ice cream shop or have one now and disappointed with the product you're selling, take a look at Old Meeting House.  We've been a manufacturer and supplier of hand crafted quality ice cream since 1947, devoting all of our energy to perfecting our ice cream.  We offer:

  • A 16% butterfat, low over run hand-crafted ice cream.
  • Over 100 great tasting flavors that customers love and return time after time.
  • A high quality, super premium ice cream that allows you to set a price that gives you a nice profit margin.
  • The ability to create your own custom flavor; unique to OMH and your community!  Ask that of our competition and see what they say!
  • Great tasting no sugar added ice cream that will increase your sales to diabetics and weight watchers.
  • Sorbet, Sherbet and kosher Soy Kreme
  • And help from us to get you started!
OMH and the others:
Some companies have to offer you equipment to get their lower quality products in the door.  We offer high quality, fresh products as well as personalized service.  We assist you in developing your ideas to help make your venture a success.  If a visit to Tampa is necessary, just give us a call and make an appointment.  Meet the team, sample flavors and get to know what we are about.  

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