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 Private Label Program

Have a great flavor idea and want to pack it under your name?  Have you tried to find a company willing to listen to your idea but turned down because you were too small, just starting out or can't meet the huge minimum order requirement?  Large dairies don't have time for less than truckload orders and small manufacturers do not have the proper in filling equipment.  Well, we'll listen to your idea with the knowledge base to make it happen.  You are the creative entrepreneur and OMH is the know how and together we will make your dream a reality.  We start by discussing your flavor and concept, ask the detailed questions, layout a plan and allow you to take your concept to the next level.  Now that's amazing!


Looking for a way to keep growing your business with existing customers?  Would a super-premium ice cream product with your name on it help?  Would you like the opportunity to have your own branded label ice cream line in 3 gallon tubs without the burden of large volume "minimum order" requirements?  If so, allow Old Meeting House Ice Cream to manufacture and private label ice cream for you.

Ice Cream Manufacturers:

Do you love your ice cream business, but don't have the ability to produce your product in a variety of container sizes or have gotten bogged down in production and need assistance in meeting demand?  Would you like to increase your production capability without the burden of additional capital expense?  Would you like the opportunity to get out of manufacturing all together and focus your resources and budget on sales and marketing?  Would you like to forget about equipment repair, production staffing, overhead costs and government regulations?  Then consider Old Meeting House Ice Cream the production arm of your company.   

As your private label partner:

Old Meeting House will work with you on everything from flavor creation to package size; we will fill your idea in tubs, pints and mini pints. 

OMH can assist in:

  • New flavor development of 10% - 16% ice cream as well as sorbet, sherbet, yogurt and soy
  • Reducing cost of goods
  • The right packaging 
  • Manufacturing process improvement
  • Distribution 

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