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 The OMH Difference
Ice Cream, private labeling

What makes Old Meeting House Ice Cream different?  Our ice cream company has roots to the past, based on time-honored traditions and strong family values.  We are held to a high standard of quality by the hundreds of customers who've known us for over 60 years.  That's a tradition not many ice cream companies can claim!  

Our heritage goes back to a time when handmade ice cream blended with all natural ingredients packed a happy kid's cone for only five cents a scoop.  It was 1947 when Jim Strickland opened the Old Meeting House restaurant just 2 blocks north of the world famous Bern's Steak House.  Inside, he made delicious, handmade all-natural ice cream in carefully controlled batches in a five-gallon Emery Thompson batch freezer.  Local folks made special trips to Old Meeting House just to have ice cream. 

Handcrafted, natural ice cream packed full of homemade goodness 

Years have passed but today, we at Old Meeting House are still committed to supplying you and your customers with supreme, gourmet ice cream through the same time-honored tradition.  Old Meeting House Ice Cream is made with fresh, natural* ingredients. Many of the ice cream recipes are passed down family traditions, like Granny carrot cake ice cream.  We even bake the cake for our Birthday Cake Ice Cream right in our kitchen. 

We carefully monitor the quality of every product that leaves our facility.  Our standards are high, and we work hard to ensure they're consistently being met.  After all, we've been in business all these years for a reason.   

*We do add artificial color to some of our Kidz flavors to make them bright and fun.

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