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What makes your ice cream different from all the others?
If you're asking this question, we know you haven't tried our ice cream yet!  We start with a 16% butterfat all natural dairy base.  We batch freeze the base adding very little air and natural flavor, color, inclusions or puree.  That makes us different!  A few of the Kidz and sherbet flavors may be enhanced with a small amount of artificial color or flavor.   

How many flavors do you make and offer?
We feature over 100 flavors and recipes for ice cream, sorbet, sherbet, yogurt and soy kreme.  Most flavors are ready to go.  Some may require a few days of lead time.

Why is OMH so committed to making a high quality ice cream? 
It's very easy to find a fast food restaurant where you grab something fast and cheap.  It serves the immediate purpose.  However, if you want something more, it may take more time to find.  So you search and find that special place where the food tastes great, is wholesome, and made with a real sense of pride.  That's Old Meeting House Ice Cream.  Everyday we strive to make and offer the best quality product we can and in some cases, with hard to find ingredients.  If you are satisfied with the everyday "run of the mill" ice cream, go for it - it is right around the corner.  But if you are looking for a high quality, hand made, super premium ice cream, look no further.  The folks in production are so proud of the flavors they produce they even stamp their name on the lid.

How do I get your product?
Well, if you are in the Sunshine state, we have a variety of distributors that sell our complete line of products. 

If you are outside of Florida, we can sell to you directly.  Delivering out of state requires a slightly different process.  There is no minimum order requirements.  Product arrives stacked on a pallet with up to 100 tubs per pallet.  The pallet can be stacked with multiple flavors.  The pallet is delivered to a dock-high facility or ground, but a a forklift is necessary.  Call or email us and we can discuss both options (we will also need to confirm your zip code with the carrier).

What size container do you fill?
We fill 3 gallon tubs, 16oz; 6oz and 4oz cups.  If you have another size or have packaging questions, call us and we'll discuss your application further.

I am opening an ice cream shop for the first time can you help me?
You bet.  Our goal is to make sure you are successful in your business endeavor.  We will be happy to discuss your ideas with you whether you are already open or are looking at a future endeavor.  Your success is our success.  We want to do all we can to make yours a profitable business.

What's the big deal about a Private Label Program?
Do you have a great idea for a flavor or a concept but no one will listen to you because you are too small, just starting out or can't meet a manufacturer's minimum order requirement?  The large dairies don't have line time for small production and the small manufacturers did not make the investment in the proper filling equipment.  Well, we listened, we invested and we can help you launch that great idea.  You are the creative entrepreneur who serves a great frozen dessert at a dinner party and get amazing reviews.  Or you ask yourself "why doesn't someone come up with this idea in a frozen dessert?"  We can help you make your idea a reality.  We start by discussing your flavor or concept, lay out a plan, ask the hard questions and produce your product.  Now that's a big deal!

If you have a question we did not address or need further details, please call or send us a note via the Contact Us section.

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