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 Ice Cream, Sorbet, Sherbet

Super Premium ice cream has been made at Old Meeting House since 1947!  Compare our 16% butterfat ice cream to other brands and you'll agree we are superior in richness, taste and mouth feel.  We only use high quality, all natural ingredients like two fold Madagascar Vanilla.  

Many of the ingredients are made in our own development kitchen from recipes created by OMH.  From baking cake to kettle batching a swirl varigate, it's from our kitchen.  

  • Handcrafted 
  • 3 Gallon Tub 
  • 16% butterfat
  • Gluten Free Dairy Mix
  • Natural ingredients
  • No preservatives added

So look through our list of over 100 Ice Cream flavors (which include nutritional information and flavor description) including Classic, Deluxe, Kidz and No Sugar Added products.  You'll find lots of choices you and your customers will love! If it is not listed we probably have made it, just give us a call.

Sorbet & Sherbet:

In addition to our 16% super premium ice cream, Old Meeting House manufactures mouth watering, palate quenching sorbet and sherbet in a full range of creative flavors.  Look over the options: Sorbets and Sherbets!


 Got a interesting flavor? 

Craving a unique flavor combination?  Want a flavor just for your business?  Name your own flavor and we'll make it for you!  Tell us your vision and we'll take it from there.  Your minimum requirement is only 3 delicious tubs! 

Old Meeting House Ice Cream

 "Making Life Taste Better"

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